Friday, 28 December 2012

Pep Talk 101

You can’t escape where you came from, would that you could. Even if you have barely any contact left with the place, the connection is never truly severed. This was the first place that was ever real to you; it is the first place that formed you, the first influence in your world. And if, like me, you lived at the place from birth until you left to join the adult world, the sheer weight of time and repetition of circumstance melds into your developing brain, it creates synaptic connections between otherwise un-connected meaningless events which, taken out of context, have no sense or relevance.

Tuesday, 31 July 2012

His Voice

That night...
Jane closed her eyes and tried to hear her Grandfather’s voice again. If there was any place where she should hear it, it would be here. But no such luck. Hmmm. Maybe it was the noise of the disco that drowned out any real chance of deep contemplation or connection to the spirit world. Maybe it was just the fact that the last time she had sat there and heard her Grandfather’s voice had been the day of his funeral, so of course her mind had been focused on him. But still, it troubled her that she could not remember the sound of his voice.

Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Let me Share the Happiness

I honestly could not have anticipated that my decision to no longer buy, wherever possible, Coca Cola TM, or any Coca Cola TM branded products, would have such an impact on my life. That it has become a topic of conversation with almost everyone I know, because it has come up in the context of a situation, gives you an indication of just how all powerful this company are, just how much they have seeped into our global consciousness. So, to save further time and conversations around the subject and mainly because my reasons are, at best, long winded to explain, I thought it a good idea to explain this in the form of a post. To present you with the same information which caused me to stop drinking it, that caused me to stop wanting to give my money to this corporation.