Tuesday, 24 June 2014

What is a ‘nerd?'

That is the question I have been going over in my head during the last few weeks while trying to put this post together. You may initially think that there is a straightforward answer to this, but if you’re anything like me, any definitives you can find are immediately contradicted by an exception. It’s a sprawling umbrella term used to describe whole groups of people and who those people are changes dependant on who you speak to. I quickly found that what makes an individual a ‘nerd’ is really very difficult, if not impossible, to define. For this reason, I hereby add a disclaimer: the various lists I’ve made below in reference to all things geekery are not exhaustive and will inevitably not cover the whole beautiful range of fandom in all its guises. This is mainly because I am limited by own breadth of knowledge and it’s just boring to read super long lists. So please bear that in mind before drafting your hater letter, you terrific nerd, you.

We are Brutalitops!

This is part one of a two part blog – exciting, eh? ;o) This first part consists of a little bit of fanfic, for want of a much better phrase, detailing the exploits of the Dungeons and Dragons group that I play with. Now, to protect identities and dignities, players are only referred to by their character names, races and classes. Here’s a crib sheet so you don’t get lost!

Random is a tiefling warlock
Freppwench is a dragonkin paladin
Morgana is an eladrin (high elf) ranger
Merrick is a half-elf assassin
Spankador is a dwarf warrior
Moragon is an eladrin rogue
The Dungeon Master is, well, the DM, need I say more?!

Why have I written this I hear you cry? Because it all ties into the next blog that I will post shortly after this one, so please lend me both your patience, and your ears...

We start with how a Dungeons and Dragons adventure using our characters *could* go...