Wednesday 16 November 2011

Interruption to Regularly Scheduled Blogging - Urgent Request! Save Greendale!

Ironically I was in the process of writing a 'high and lows' sort of post. Ten things I'm loving at the moment, ten things I'm hating. In the ten things I hate, there was a rant about awesome programmes in the US being cancelled before getting a chance to blossom. Intelligent, fun, clever programmes. But in my top ten list was the ever reliable Community, keeping the touch going. But now they want to cancel it? Sod that! I've had enough. We, as the viewers, should stand up and shout - I don't see why we should let another programme go the way of Deadwood and Firefly. I'm sick of it! So here's my plea...
Community is by many, many leagues of awesomeness, the best programme on TV. It STUNS me that NBC have chosen to take it off their new year schedule... and we all know what that means, it's happened too many times! Too many brilliant stories have been ripped from our screens before their time, and I've had enough - So here it is, I use all my free goes and... ask all my favours at once, please, I ask you from the bottom of my heart, to share this link, like this link. Do it for all the awesome TVs shows that have already gone forever, or do it for no other reason than that it means this much to me, that I would put all humility aside and ask for this favour! Seriously, please Dudes, Save our Community!

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